Technology Dynamics, Inc.

Technology Dynamics the recognized leader in the design and manufacture of world class DC power conversion products and modules. The company manufactures switching power supplies, DC DC converters, DC–UPS battery backups, hot swap, rack mount and panel mount high voltage power supplies, custom power supplies, COTS power supplies, and military power products. MILITARY POWER SUPPLIES Technology Dynamics Inc. military power supplies meet or exceed MIL-SPEC reliability and environmental requirements. Utilizing field proven technology, Technology Dynamics family of rugged military power supply products are used in harsh environments including shelters, tactical systems, ground support, airborne, and shipboard applications. SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES Technology Dynamics Inc. manufactures low, medium & high power AC-DC switching power supplies and high power switch-mode power supplies in both single and multiple output configurations. Most of the company's switching power supply models are in stock for immediate delivery, and each can be tailored to your needs. Loaded with standard features, Technology Dynamics Inc. switching power supplies are the choice for today’s demanding applications. DC-DC CONVERTERS The DC-DC converters manufactured by Technology Dynamics Inc, are well regulated, high performance, high voltage power supplies ranging in power from 25 to 1,200 watts in stand-alone or rack mount configurations. Units feature both single and multiple outputs and come in standard, modified, and full custom designs for use in rugged, industrial and military applications. HOT SWAP POWER SUPPLIES Technology Dynamics Inc. manufactures a range of hot swap power supplies ranging in power from 1000 watts to 25 KW Watts. These high voltage power supplies are available in rugged, hot swap, rack mount configurations. These high voltage power modules can be removed while the system is active should one module need service, hence the term hot swap power supply or hot swap power module. Technology Dynamics hot swap power supplies offers both (N+1) redundant or parallel configurations. Standard, modified and full custom hot swap power supply designs are available for commercial, rugged industrial and military applications where critical, no down time power is required. RACK MOUNT / PANEL MOUNT POWER SUPPLIES Our rack mount and panel mount high voltage power supplies are ideal for all your rack and panel mount applications. Many products are designed so that they can be easily mounted to a standard or customized 19” wide rack with panel heights of 1U, 2U and 3U configurations. Technology Dynamics Inc panel mount high voltage power supplies and rack mount high voltage power supplies are available with circuit breaker inputs, LED indicators, rugged construction, low noise & ripple and power factor correction high voltage power supplies meet your exact needs. DC UPS Technology Dynamics Inc. DC-UPS power supply systems are designed to provide clean, uninterrupted power to critical DC loads in the event of AC (utility) power failure. They are available in several power levels and configurations uniquely designed for your exact application. COTS Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supplies are typically non-development type items, and may be used harsh environment military applications. CUSTOM POWER SUPPLIES Technology Dynamics Inc. is the industry leader in custom power supply design and manufacture from low power to 75KW. Our switching power supplies, DC-DC converters and DC-UPS systems can be customized to fit your power supply needs. Each Technology Dynamics custom power supply unit is rugged, reliable and built to last with field proven quality second to none.