The Audrey Ross Team of Compass

Audrey Ross has been in business since 1984 under the name of Ross and Associates, Inc. and now operates as Vice President of Compass, a highly focused, technology-driven, real estate company which operates in 130 locations and has 1500 agents nationwide. Our goal is to provide the ultimate in professional residential and commercial real estate service to the most affluent customers, focusing on properties in the upper level marketplace which serve the needs of a sophisticated clientele. In South Florida, it appears that this has been successful because everyone owning any property over a million dollars will generally recognize the name and associate it with luxury real estate whenever luxury property is discussed. Sales volume has exceeded $200 million in a given year and has run as high as 63 million in a given week. Our firm can best be described as a luxury real estate firm catering to high net worth individuals in a private atmosphere.