The B.A. Fund

The B.A. Fund is the premier source for all your business lending needs. We are a full service Business Lender whose goal is to help small business owners get the best financing. Finding the right Lender to fund your business can be very hard. It seems like each Lender has their own unique pile of forms to complete and getting straight answers can be very frustrating. Many Borrowers tend to give up after a couple of declines and chalk up the experience to fate. It doesn't have to be this way and this is where we can help. We have a host of lending sources that specialize in business lending. We'll work with you to package your loan in its best possible light, including an in-depth business plan that focuses on what the Lenders want to see. If one Lender doesn’t like your deal, with a few clicks, we'll have your deal ready for the next Lender to review,