The Beverly Hills Agency has distinct divisions to serve the needs of the entertainment industry. Personalities Music Television Motion Pictures Promotions Special Events Corporate and Consumer Marketing Convergence Fashion/Beauty At the Beverly hills agency, we believe managing communications for the entertainment world is about more than just "spreading the word." We know how to fuse the worlds of corporate and consumer marketing with the powerful influences of the entertainment industry. We don't just make people aware of an event or person or property, we compel them to activity - getting them to think about, talk about or participate in our clients' entertainment products. The result is a public impression that our clients and their products are "Must-See, Must-Do and Must-Have." Conventional wisdom holds that the entertainment industry possesses great influence - and importance - in the modern world. The Beverly hills agency helps the entertainment industry communicate about itself, and assists the corporate and consumer worlds to communicate their messages through the entertainment medium. In this capacity,