The Bowmans

The Bowmans are Sarah and Claire Bowman, twin sisters who make music and art together. We've toured internationally for several years and released three full length albums. Sarah writes and arranges most of the songs. We delight in performing our original music together for all kinds of people. We've been doing this kind of thing since we were little. We make up stories and songs. We draw things so they can exist. We play off each other's imagination. We used to think this was not how grown-ups are supposes to behave but we are very much sisters and we will always enjoy playing together. We hope to continue to do so forever. ---------- The Bowmans' harmonies seem to come from one astonishing voice. Twin sisters Sarah and Claire share a rare, near telepathic musical bond. Dubbed the 'roller coaster' duo, performances range from poignantly captivating to serendipitously joyful. Albums: The Bowmans (produced byMalcolm Burn), Far From Home (Mother West Records), and Live at Powerplay Studios. The Bowmans launched a campaign on July 2nd to run through July 31st in hopes to raise funds and promote this exciting and heartwarming new project.