The Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine

Drake has evolved into the most experienced treatment facility worldwide, using the medical technology for which we are known. Thirty years and and over 12,000 individuals have been treated whose symptoms were approached by mobilizing resources within the patient to resolve their disorders. ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's disorder, the whole array of Stress Related Diseases have one thing in common: The patient’s brain function is at the source; the activation center of their symptoms. At Drake we give the patient the tools to discover the process and then to deactivate the disturbed functioning. Our Medical Director, David Velkoff M.D. M.A., oversees the use of FDA Approved QEEG Brainmapping Technology and proven Neurofeedback techniques as the core of our unique FullCare program. Each patient seen within our medical model has received the pathway to learn how to apply this highly evolved mind body technology for symptom resolution. The Drake FullCare program, tailored to each individual, has yielded extraordinary results all across the treatment disorder spectrum. Regarding these disorders, the mind is our greatest healing agent! Not drugs, not nutrition, not exercise (which generate some result but may not address the origin of the disorder) but the brain itself. This is where we believe the solutions are and have proven so over and over again with a vast number of patients' successes.