The Eclectic

From The Chef: As far as ingredients go, we don’t hide behind falsities. If I do my job right by ordering the correct ingredients it should be easy to create something amazing and full of flavor. We use seasonal ingredients, we do our best to ensure that we source locally and take every possible measure to ensure quality. We don’t falsely brand our products to make them seem something that they’re not. It is just good ol’, honest food. I have a diverse background as a chef, I started out of high school and I went to le cordon bleu in Pasadena. I did my internship at Charlie Trotters in Chicago, Illinois. I then worked for Thomas Keller at Bouchon in Beverly Hills. I did a short stint working for Nobu of LA before hooking up with buddies from culinary school to open our first restaurant out in Santa Barbara. I went back to working for Thomas again for a little over a year before I used my experience to put myself in some cool positions. I’ve been personally looking for a spot of my own for the last few years and while The Eclectic isn’t necessarily perfect, it has the bones to be something great. That is what I truly believe. I want to rule the world, but I will settle for North Hollywood.