The Gilbane Group

Gilbane Group Inc. (formerly Bluebill Advisors, Inc.) publishes the Gilbane Report, the most widely read newsletter covering content management technologies. We also produce educational conferences. Our industry analysts and consultants provide advisory and consulting services to all types of organizations. The Gilbane Report was founded by Frank Gilbane in 1993. Topics include content management, XML, e-catalogs, syndication, search technology, intranets, publishing, document computing architectures, markup languages, corporate portals, enterprise information integration, digital asset management, enterprise blog and wiki tools, and other technologies for processing and integrating unstructured data. To find out more about the topics we cover see our complete list of back issues and see our analyst blog. We are an objective, vendor-neutral publication. Our goal is to provide IT strategists, managers, and investors with the most accurate and unbiased information available. Our readers cross all vertical industries in 80+ countries and in addition to corporate users, include financial analysts, market analysts/researchers, VCs, consultants, integrators, vendors, academics, PR firms, and journalists. Our authors are among the most respected experts, analysts, authors, and consultants in the industry.