The Jarboe Group at Keller Williams Realty

About: Everything we do, we do with passion. We believe in challenging the status quo of what this experience should be like. We alleviate stress, while creating a seamless and worry-free process. We do this by committing to helping people, regardless of the outcome. This means we will consult and advise them to the best possible scenario, even if that means they benefit and we do not. We just happen to sell real estate. Mission: For Customers: We simplify real estate transactions and provide a high level of service by all team members with special attention to detail from the beginning to the end of the transaction, while creating lifelong relationships. For Team Members: We provide a supportive learning based environment in which Team Members can learn, grow, and earn at an accelerated rate, while being mentored and coached in both their personal and professional lives. Team Members benefit from the ability to grow and move into different aspects of the business via investing, general contracting, property management, etc. For Owners: The team allows the owners to leverage time and resources to grow and expand into different markets and arenas as well as grow the business and it's Team Members to be independent and sustained without their day to day input. The team will allow the owners to be an established name in the industry with support and integrity from the team they've built. Vision: To connect and serve the community through The Jarboe Foundation (a Worcester based 501c3 non-profit). The Jarboe Group will be a trusted name in the community and we can build the business for funding a purposeful life with an appropriate balance of work, life, and giving back.