The Kowalski Group

Linda Kowalski has 27 years of experience in public affairs and government relations. She is well known for her policy expertise and is lauded by government officials and business people alike in the State of Connecticut. Linda built successful relationships with the O'Neill Administration and continued to do so in the administrations of Govs.Weicker, Rowland, Rell and Malloy. She has worked successful with officials at the federal, state and local levels. Grass roots lobbying is an area where Linda Kowalski has been tremendously successful. She lobbied for the passage of legislation on behalf of the Connecticut Association of Optometrists. From 1986 to 1996, she expanded the scope of optometric practice to the full extent of the profession's licensing and training. She was the lead lobbyist and strategist who facilitated, coordinated and directed the campaigns with individual Optometrists, patients and the media. Linda founded the Kowalski Group,L.L.C. and serves as its president. She oversees its operation and is its lead lobbyist. The Kowalski Group has a wide-ranging list of clients as Linda brings to the table her expertise in banking, financial services, telecommunications, not for profit organizations, waste management, auto trades, marine trades, electrical restructuring, the alcohol beverage industry, private education, public utilities, telephone competition and environmental issues. The Hartford Business Journal named Linda Kowalski in its "40 Under Forty" issue for 1999, and she has won accolades from many other professional associations as well: ~1992: Outstanding Service Award from the Connecticut Association of Optometrists ~1993: Award of Appreciation for Dedicated Service to the Profession of Podiatric Medicine ~1993: Appreciation award from the Connecticut Campgrounds Owners Association ~1994: George A. Comstock OD Distinguished Service Award ~1995: Certificate of Appreciation for work with the Student Center Bonding Bill ~1996: Outstanding Service Award as a legislative consultant for the CAO ~1997: Award for advancement of the dental hygiene profession from the Connecticut Dental Hygienists Association More recently, in 2010, the CAO recognized Linda Kowalski "For Twenty-Five Years of Outstanding Service on Behalf of the CAO". In 2011, the Radiological Society of Connecticut presented an award to Linda A. Kowalski, The Kowalski Group, LLC, "In Appreciation of Many Years of Service to the Radiological Society of Connecticut". Linda Kowalski is a 1983 graduate (cum laude) of Wheaton College in Norton, MA. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Economics. She did an internship with former Connecticut Attorney General Joseph Liberman and Connecticut State Senator Michael L. Morano. She was in a 12-college exchange program at Wesleyan University. On graduation, she worked as an independent consultant on government relations. She is a member of the legislative committee in the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce and also of the Environmental Policies Council of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association. When she has free time, Linda Kowalski is an avid marathon runner and has finished 7 marathons--the Hartford, the Marine Corps, the New York City, the Boston and Philadelphia Marathon. She also placed 3rd in her age group in the Vermont City Marathon.