The Law Office of Peter Fitzpatrick

Having represented over 10,000 criminal clients, with over fifteen years of experience as a respected and successful San Francisco Criminal Defense lawyer, and having tried over forty cases to verdict, Peter is committed ensuring his Client’s Constitutional rights are protected during any interaction with city, state, or federal governmental agencies. Regardless of the notoriety, severity, or complexity of each particular case, as a sucessful and experienced criminal defense attorney Peter understands the emotional drain litigation causes on a plaintiff or defendant participant. Peter works closely with a team of investigators, jury consultants and other top experts he has assembled over the course of his practice. Peter is equally adept at handling complex white-collar cases, sensational murders, and the full range of less serious criminal cases. In recognition of his success at thorough preparation, shrewd strategic courtroom skills , Peter was named as a lawyer that other criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors, and police officers would choose to represent them should the need arise.