The Murie Center

Established in 1998, The Murie Center exemplifies and carries forward the legacy of the Murie families (Mardy, Olaus, Adolph and Louise) by inspiring people to act mindfully on behalf of wild nature. The Murie Ranch was home to the conservation-minded Murie families beginning in 1945. Brothers Olaus and Adolph Murie had distinguished careers as wildlife biologists, and married sisters from Alaska: Olaus to Mardy and Adolph to Louise. After the two families acquired this ranch in 1945 it was not only their home for decades, but a center of the American conservation movement. Today it is home to The Murie Center, a non-profit organization that strives to carry on the legacy of the Muries. The 76 acres of land is owned by Grand Teton National Park, the Muries having sold it to the Park in 1968. The Murie Center explores the value of nature and its connection to the human spirit. We encourage the community to engage in sustainable practices that will preserve the earth’s beauty and natural resources for future generations. The Murie Center tries to model different ways of thinking, working, and acting that honor the land and nature. We focus on mentoring, leadership, and open conversations about wilderness, the environment, and our human connection to it all.