The Next Idea

The Award Winning Next Idea is an international Restaurant & Hospitality Concept development and management agency. We are based in Los Angeles and have offices in India, along with representation in Africa and Europe. We work across the world, specializing in concept creation, development and management ­ everything from research, strategy, brand and product development, franchising, through to design, execution, systems and operations, and marketing. Presently The Next Idea has concept development and management projects in: USA, Dubai & Abu Dhabi (UAE), Kuwait, Australia, Philippines, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Taiwan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Mexico, China, Qatar, Oman, UK, Bangladesh, and India. We are highly specialist and stay close to our expertise in hotels, food service operations, restaurants, cafes, leisure and entertainment. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by always beginning with the end user ­ The Customer Experience, The Employee Training Experience, and the Brand Experience are given the upmost priority when we approach a project. We have opened and managed over 750 restaurants across the US, Middle East, Asia and Europe, and developed 84 concepts. The TNI team has consulted with some of the world¹s most eminent Chefs, and upscale restaurant groups, in addition to working with clients in: entertainment, casual dining, fast casual dining, resorts, theme parks and travel. In each project we have been involved in all areas of the business, and have delivered programs and plans that have targeted the elevation of concept positioning, product and menu, operating standards, infrastructure, and overall quality. Our larger clients include or have included: Royal Caribbean (USA), Protein House (USA), Eggslut (USA), Steak N Shake (US), Pizza Metro Pizza (In), Gustoso (In), Plant Power (US), Al Saud Family (KSA), Marias Italian Kitchen (USA), Pizzaro (UAE), Caliburger (China & Int.), Hollywood Burger (UAE/Arg), Skynny Kitchen (US), House of Fraser (UK), Albert Roux (UK), Chilis (Qt), Johnny Rockets (Qt), Safeway (UK), Virgin Trains, (UK), Panera Bread (US), Deandas Tacos (US), Fairmont Hotels (US), Starbucks (UK & US), W Hotel (USA), Tacos Don Manolito (Mx), DeAndas (USA), Ritz Carlton (US), SEGA Entertainment (US), Sushiitto (US), Caesars Palace (US), Saks 5th Avenue (US), Macaroni Grill (Qt), HMS Host (US), amongst a very broad range of smaller yet very dynamic restaurant and hotel groups.