The Yellow Fox

The Yellow Fox is as unique a concept as its name. With the DIY craze in full effect and Pinterest overflowing with the cutest little pictures of handmade beauty items, candles, and more, it leaves many of us dreaming of all the wonderfully creative gifts we can make and send to friends and family. For those who don't have that magic hand, the time to whip up a handmade product, or the desire to spend money on all the ingredients when you'll only make one item - The Yellow Fox is for you! We proudly offer a wide variety of beauty, spa, and other customized handmade gifts that you create and we deliver. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Start with a base. You can choose to create a sugar scrub, body oil, scented candle, aromatherapy mist or room spray, bath salt, whipped body butter, shower gel, hand soap, beard oil or an essential oil blend. 2. Customize your product. Each product starts off unscented and uncolored. You create an item that is specific to the person you're giving it to! Not sure what to create? No worries, we have a great inspiration section that highlights the recipes of featured products that other clever Yellow Foxes have made. 3. Choose your gift wrap. Here's where it all comes together. A custom label is included with every product, as well as a gift box with ribbon and handmade gift tag. Have a blast naming your product and choosing a gift tag from a wide variety of themes. When you're done, it's sure to be a gift they will never forget!