Thin Fit Line

THIN FIT LINE is much more than a vitamins and supplement brand, its a community, support group and a family. Growing up with a father as a Firefighter, working his way up the ranks to Captain and Fire Commissioner, I was always part of the family. Visiting the fire station, climbing up in the firetrucks and even being part of parades and watching dad leave for his shift, not knowing if he would come home for sure the next day. When a member of your family is involved in any part of public safety, the whole family is. Which led me to become a volunteer firefighter and later into the Law Enforcement career. Knowing the stresses of the job and seeing the increase of PTSD, Depression, Cancer and Suicide in First Responders, I recognized how important fitness and nutrition is for these career fields, not only physically but mentally. Which is what led me to create Thin Fit Line, a Vitamin and Supplement Brand that our First Responders can be proud of, a brand that takes information given by those who keep us safe, day after day and create the product they desire, to not only help them physically in their day to day duties but also mentally. I remember sleeping at the fire station waking up at all hours of the shift responding to calls and then going to a full time job the next day. I remember the long mandatory 16 hour shifts around hundreds of inmates always wondering if/when they would strike. I remember graphic scenes like they occurred yesterday playing in my mind like a movie and all the words said to me threatening my life along with my family’s life, I remember watching brothers and sisters become sick and ill from not taking care of themselves due to long stressful hours. Worst of all, attending funerals of brothers and sisters after their long hard fight with cancer was complete or an out of the blue heart attack, or even worse... the demons inside, convincing them their lives were not worth living anymore. We continue to see these stats rise year after year. Organizations are out there fighting hard for better equipment and programs but have little money for funding. Which is why Thin Fit Line not only provides the best products for your health but also donates to these organizations with a percentage of each sale.