Think Inside The Box

The concept of Think Inside the Box started in 1995 when our founder was the President of a large business club on campus at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California. As part of the club’s fundraising efforts they would sell “stress kits” to the parents of students in the dorms and would deliver them during Finals week at the end of each quarter. Now, these stress kits were pretty low tech, even for those days, and included pencils, hot chocolate, a scantron sheet and some granola bars, but the students loved them! The concept of unique college care packages sat on our founder’s desk for 16 years and finally became a reality in 2011. Our goal is to create unique care packages that make students laugh and feel like someone knows exactly what they are going through… like those crazy roommates (love em’ or hate em’), or maybe the first time we had to do our own laundry (Pink socks anyone?). So these just aren’t boxes of dorm room munchies, but boxes of understanding to help students through some of the most memorable times of their lives.