Tippsy, Inc

Tippsy is an online platform for Japanese SAKE, rebuilding the culture and community around this foreign alcohol drink to make it a fun and casual experience for everyone in the US. We are changing the perception people may have on sake as exotic but cheap, hang-over producing spirit that they only drink at restaurant for experience, and making it as sophisticated and deep a culture as wine by democratizing the access to selection and information for any beginners and experts. We're doing this as part of our quest to disrupt the US alcohol market and grow SAKE as impact a category as $40 billion wine industry. Our mission is to make this beautiful alcohol drink brewed with artistry and skills passed down from generation to generation, a next big trend that we enjoy pairing with the types of food we normally eat. We believe SAKE has incredible versatility and potential to enhance our dining experience overall. Tippsy is driven to bring branding, integrity and innovation to this old cluttered industry and become a leading lifestyle brand.