Titan Bio Tech Ltd

We are the best Malt Extract Powder manufacturing company of India and pioneer in production of high quality Malt Extract Paste at a competitive price . Malt Extract Powder and Paste is a natural non-diastatic coarse powder, easily soluble and its additional flavor is derived after cooking process. Titan Bio Tech Ltd has excellent marketing strategy for providing all type of biological products by their dealers in all India. We are the best Malt Extract manufacturer and Exporters since few decades . We also Export our best Malt Extract Powder to industries that are used in manufacturing nutritional products. We use our best technologies in production of the highest nutritional Malt Extract Powder and it is also available in Malt Extract Paste form in our company. Malt Extract enhances the wholesome goodness of finished foods and beverages Malt Extract richly contains Vitamin E, the majority of Vitamin B, Folic Acid and Minerals such as Calcium, Cuprum, Iron, Magnesium etc. It is widely used in food, dairy products, milk, baking food, Nugget, Soda Pop, Soft Drinks and Biological Substrates etc. Titan Bio Tech is a leading company of Malt Extract Powder and Paste of good quality and having following nutritional compositions. 1.Appearance - Yellowish brown colored powder having sweet smell 2. Solubility - Completely soluble in water 3.Maltose - NLT-37.0% 4. Protein Content - NLT-3.0% etc. For more query please visit our website:http://www.titanbiotechltd.com/malt-extract.asp or call us at our telephone line: +91 11-27677960 or Fax: +91-11-27674181 or mail us at : marketing@titanbiotechltd.com