Transekur Global LLC

With security concerns rising in the region and the country, Transekur detected the need to execute agreements with a company specializing in executive protection in the Dominican Republic. Our associate staffs armed and unarmed security professionals, most with military experience and extensive private protection expertise. Our executive protection specialists have completed training programs in the following areas: VIP / Celebrity protection Executive and / or government protection Unarmed combat Weapons disarming First aid Defensive / Offensive driving Risk assessment Dispute resolution Anti-Terrorism Through an agreement with one of the leading executive protection companies in the Dominican Republic, Transekur offers fully trained security professionals, with extensive and continual training throughout the year. Our executive protection service in the Dominican Republic has been widely used by over 100 multinational corporations, high profile executives, NGOs, diplomats and artists. Along with our premium transportation fleet of vehicles, Transekur offers a series of services to suit your transportation and protection needs in the country.