TransWorldNews, Inc.

About TransWorldNews™ TransWorldNews, owned and operated by TransWorldNews, Inc., has combined innovation and ingenuity to become the leader in global news distribution. By providing a multitude of tools that interlink with each other, TransWorldNews has created an environment where companies and individuals can establish a virtual office that supplies visitors’ valuable information accessible from one site. All created profiles, news releases, audio files, job postings, products and services, TWNpeople profiles, and contact information submitted on TransWorldNews can be accessed from each feature. Along with news alerts for journalists and registered members that can be specified by industry or company name, TransWorldNews is committed to making your news known to the world. TransWorldNews has distribution access to 700 newsrooms & over 8000 journalists in the United States and Canada. All news releases submitted through TransWorldNews are carried on the additional TransWorldNews syndicated sites as well as all RSS affiliates. With sites in fourteen countries offering its clients cost effective and efficient distribution options, along with useful tools to create exposure for their business, TransWorldNews has become the preferred avenue by which news is distributed.