True Health Initiative

True Health Initiative (THI) is the global voice for lifestyle as medicine. We stand as a very specific answer in an era of “post-truth” and “fake news.” We are a growing coalition of thousands, supported by an expert council with 360 Directors from 35 countries. We disseminate and demonstrate the evidence-based fundamentals of healthy, sustainable eating and living. By sharing one truth in one voice, we envision a world where all people understand how to live long and healthy lives, free of preventable chronic disease. We have three main goals: 1. Be the authoritative global voice for truth . Support the fundamentals of lifestyle as medicine through media and education campaigns. 2. Create opportunities for research publications and literature reviews to fill, clarify, or decrease gaps in lifestyle knowledge and its impact on chronic diseases. 3. Provide a platform for world-renowned health experts to debate, disseminate and demonstrate lifestyle as medicine in practical ways.