Trustifier Inc.

Trustifier Inc. is a specialist in IT security and digital information assurance. Its contributions to solving the problems of Cybersecurity, IT Security, and Information Assurance are Trustifier™ and ryu.™ Trustifier was developed over a ten year period to solve the problem of the insider threat. Trustifier™ is an off-the-shelf injectable security sub-system that enables control of operational privileges, end behaviors, and business data flows, where it is implemented, with an intuitive framework and features to assist with the management of IT security. Trustifier used with existing insecure IT systems improves Cybersecurity by enabling the creation of tailored trustworthy spaces where needed. A DISA Red team tested Trustifier's insider threat protection capability and could not access targeted “crown jewel” files protected by Trustifier's Mission Defense™ system, even with user access and administrator passwords. The Trustifier test system with known vulnerabilities got a DIACAP scorecard that gave it a Mission Assurance Category of MAC I, and a Confidentiality Level of Classified, the highest combination achievable. ryu™ is off-the-shelf software for Web application protection. ryu proactively protects every element in the Web application stack against all threats attempting to exploit any and every one of the 27 classes of Web application vulnerabilities, including zero day attacks.