Turning the Corner, LLC

Turning the Corner, LLC is a recruiting and career services agency offering a full range of services for companies and individuals. The company is driven by a passion to connect talented people with the jobs they love and organizations with the people they need to succeed. The Career Services team aides job seekers in discovering their unique gifts and talents, identifying what they need to be more fulfilled in a career and developing a focused job search and plan of action that leads to success. Career Services include: career coaching, resume writing, interviewing skill counseling, job search coaching and networking skills. The Recruiting team is more than a potential candidate factory. Detailed analysis and in-depth interviews help companies discover the top talent which fit their organization resulting in better production and lower turnover. In addition Turning the Corner offers outplacement services to help employees and companies in time of need. The HR Consulting staff works with large and small companies to improve employee performance, reduce turnover rate and improve employment law compliance.