Unifore Security & Surveillance Equipment

Unifore is one of pioneer experienced and professional security equipment company. The company is established in 2009, and now it becomes one of leading security devices manufacturer. The Unifore is one of famous brand in security industry. The company launched first GSM based wireless alarm system for home monitoring. The GSM cellular based home alarm systems become one of essential feature for nowadays equipment. As one of pioneer in this field, Unifore is offering wide range of updated wireless alarm systems based on GSM. These systems come with Quad-band GSM modem for alarm connection, the working with SIM card, the system can connect into GSM mobile network. Additionally, the company is offer 960H video surveillance systems including Sony Effio based 700TVL, 800TVL cctv cameras and 960H/D1 digital video recorders. All these equipment are designed and manufactured by Unifore. The 960H CCTV cameras are equipped with latest sony Effio CCD image sensor, and offering 2D+3D noise reduction, anti-blur function, as well as wide dynamic range (WDR) function.