UPTICK Newswire

UPTICK Newswire is a place where you can tap into all of the tools you need to build, enhance and distribute a press release that reaches and resonates with your target audience – and then measure its success. We provide a full suite of investor relations services to growing companies who need to distribute accurate information quickly and affordability. UPTICK Newswire provides multiple marketing streams to get the news out about your company. We assist companies with marketing, news distribution, presentation development, branding and other customized investor relations services. Our firm can assist in identifying business opportunities and analyzing alternatives in order to enhance identification of the choice best suited for the client. What makes UPTICK Newswire so powerful is that we not only distribute your news to your target audience, but we also bring your audience back to you. With a well tailored Press Release campaign you not only provide your clients, customers and investors with the information they need, but you will also be creating a direct communication tool that allows them to provide you with important data and feedback. This data and feedback comes in the form of establishing a company newsletter, customer opinions and suggestions, brand recognition and retention, creating a new client base or expanding an existing one, website interaction and performance, product development, customer service, etc. The information that can be gained is virtually limitless. With most Press Releases, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial so you can improve your discoverability and get bloggers and other influencers talking about your brand, company, products and services. This type of community outreach will help to spread the news quickly and efficiently while generating much needed visibility to your company. UPTICK Newswire is able to implement this important SEO function within the contents of your Press Release. We will get your message to audiences well beyond the reach of your initial distribution. This empowers you to make regular marketing communication to your audiences that you want to reach AND to create new ones at both the local and national level.