US Drug Watchdog

The US Drug Watchdog's focus is to insure that all individuals damaged by a defective drug, or recalled medical device, are constantly updated on new developments with respect to a recalled drug, or defective medical device. The US Drug Watchdog says, "One of the biggest problems we have with respect to our defective drug, or defective medical device initiative work, is the average US consumer never hears about a drug recall, or the serious side effects related to a specific drug, or medical device's use. So in order to try and keep all US consumers informed, we will continue with our public outreach efforts, which are designed to identify new victims of a defective or recalled drug or medical device, with the goal being that no one gets left behind." Please call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll-free at: 866-714-6466. The sooner we know about you, the sooner we can help!