Veeda Clinical Research

Veeda CR is an independent CRO established in 2004 at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. Veeda is one of the top 3 players in the CRO (clinical research organization) industry. Binoy Gardi and Apurva Shah co-founded the company. Binoy is a lawyer from UK and alumni of the London Business School and Apurva is a commerce graduate and a MBA from Babson University in the USA. Promoters hold 100% stake in the company. There is no pledge of any shares of promoters. Veeda CR was established with a vision of creating a CRO with an in-depth scientific know-how, technical edge and better foresight for clinical trials. The founders’ objective was to become a catalyst for enhanced drug development to facilitate better patient treatments. With more than a decade of experience, Veeda has now become one of the most desired partners to the pharmaceutical fraternity globally for conducting their clinical studies to deliver safe and quality solutions with no compromise on ethical practices. Today, Veeda CR is an epitome of independence, knowledge, quality and integrity. These goals were achieved by Veeda CR founders because of their sole-focus on high-value system, uncompromising ethics and an aptitude for continuous learning for advancement of science. Veeda CR is a full-service CRO that conducts clinical research to support clients in their clinical programs. The company provides expert services in PK (pharmacokinetic) and PD (pharmacodynamics) studies in healthy volunteers; conducts patient trials in generic molecules and NCEs (new chemical entity) and undertakes research in Biopharmaceuticals. The company offers a fully integrated package which includes services on Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials in central nervous system, oncology, and other complex therapeutic areas. The company’s services also include clinical trial management services comprising patient recruitment and retention, project management, clinical monitoring, drug safety/pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, quality assurance, and regulatory and medical writing to meet global clinical development needs. Veeda CR was the first Indian CRO company to have entered into a strategic contract with MNCs and large Indian Pharma companies. Currently, Veeda is working with 10 of the top 15 Global Pharmaceutical companies. As of 2016-17, the company derived 38% of its revenues from India, 21% from the US, 29% from EU and 12% from the rest of the world. The company boasts of well-designed, world-class, custom-built and regulatory compliant clinical research infrastructure to facilitate quality conduct of research. It is spread over a total floor area of approximately 167,000 sq.ft, divided to cover the clinical units (88,000 sq.ft. approximately), bio-analytical laboratory area (38,000 sq.ft. approximately), volunteer screening area, volunteer information centres and external archives. They have 352 beds and 46 LC/MS/MS apart from other equipment like ICP-OES. All the IT systems in the company are 21 CFR part 11 compliant. Veeda now has nearly 1000 employees. The founders believe that the core of their business is quality and people and that financial growth is essentially a by-product of these. The company’s focus in the next few years is to therefore institutionalize quality and make Veeda one of the best places to work in India. The work environment at Veeda is representative of the founders’ value systems which are honesty, integrity, Openness and continuous innovation in methodologies to achieve excellence. Such an approach coupled with humility helps the company to stay grounded and focused despite an excellent track record and brisk revenue growth. The outcome of the above principles is that Veeda’s regulatory audit track record is second to none. Veeda’s ISR data is >95% as compared to 67% required by the USFDA. Veeda’s Expert Services:- • BA/BE Studies • Central Bioanalytical Services • First-in-Man Studies • Drug Interaction Studies • Glucose Clamp Studies • Patient PK Studies • Clinical Trials • Inhalation Studies • PD Endpoint studies • Complex Bioanalysis (Vitamins etc.) • Elemental Bioanalysis • Biosimilars / Immunogenicity Studies • Pharmacovigilance Services