Veracor Group

At Veracor Group, we believe progress is everyone’s business. That is why we commit our people, capital and ideas to help clients, shareholders and the communities we serve to grow. We specialize in innovative investment opportunities enhanced by powerful federal and state tax treatment that minimize, defer or eliminate tax burden including capital gains tax benefits thereby maximizing financial and social impact returns. With over 100+ years of combined top leadership in investment and financial management experience, Veracor Group assists clients with leveraging the emerging Opportunity Zone and Qualified Opportunity Zone Real Estate and Business investment benefits. Additionally, the company is a pipeline to potential Real Estate and emerging business opportunities with embedded tax advantages that incorporate either a social or measured community impact. Veracor Group’s leadership is drawn from a wide array of backgrounds: policy experts, start-up founders, investors, and Veterans owned and operated military experience in addition to leveraging a global network of industry experts and partners. Individual and institutional investors, financial professionals, and plan sponsors can benefit from the stability and experience Veracor offers to achieve their goals and better financial futures. With no other parties to answer to and therefore no conflicting loyalties, we make every decision—like keeping investing costs as low as possible—with only your needs in mind. Together, we are changing the way the world invests.