VerityThree (VTI) was founded in late 1999 as a company poised to provide quality and customer service driven technology services to its clientele. VTI specializes in technology consulting and technology management services. This approach strengthens our commitment with defined industry "best practice" offerings and makes our services available to clients as a single source built on a trusted relationship. Through support locations and trusted partner consulting networks, we leverage 4000+ technology consultants nationwide to provide a localized support approach. These relationships enhance our capabilities and reduce geographical limitations with supporting our clients. We simplify and streamline technology management, allowing our diverse customers to focus on the goals and successes of their organizations. Our corporate mission statement is to provide our clients with the highest quality state-of-the-art services while maintaining personal and reliable service levels. We believe this philosophy will result in continual growth of the corporation and employee career satisfaction through opportunities and experience in the latest technologies for computer systems and software.