VMS Accelerators

VMS Accelerators (VMSA) produces killer executive workshops in the contingent labor industry (aka staffing). Our mission is to raise the performance of all stakeholders including Fortune 1000, MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDER (MSP), Vendor Management System (VMS) and staffing firm. VMSA is the GO-TO EXPERT for high volume, low margin staffing. We specialize in providing metrics and solutions around sales, marketing, candidate delivery on and offshore, AND CONTRACTOR care. Past attendees have boasted some stupendous stats… increased # of MSP programs by 4-11+ in 6-8 months; fair market revenue opportunities of $30MM and more; and IMPROVING SUB to FILL ratios by 25%+. Our alumni are the “heavy hitters” that get increased hit rates. If you embrace this $130B US staffing market like we do, come and join us at our next event.