VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

VMukti received incubation and funding from CIIE (Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship) at IIM Ahmedabad and from UK based angel investor and currently boasts developer team spread across the seven countries, which represent the best expertise in their respective fields. Two of VMukti’s existing pilots are of Fortune 500 companies. The company offers VMukti Communication Suite which has three primary features: Streaming, Conferencing, and VvoIP. PRODUCTS / SERVICES : VMukti has designed a video communications cloud platform that enables the convergence of voice, video and content over IP through a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that supports the construction of a number of video and voice features (or to support pre-built features) in areas of Web conferencing, call-center operation, and distance education, E-Gram, and E-Governance among others. The company is focused on video communications, offering a combined hardware/software solution under the SAAS (software or software + hardware as a service) model. The primary platform is designed for distributed Web, desktop and mobile applications and includes software for P2P computing, telephony, and VVoIP for encoding, compression and live streaming. There is also a hardware factor that combines a camera, phone and UMPC (ultra-mobile personal computer). The platform function similarly to the cloud computing concept. Subscribers receive several built-in features, and additional services can be added and consumed using APIs (application programming interfaces). Because of its P2P distributed video platform design, the VMukti product line can save users over 80% in bandwidth and infrastructure. For example, assume 1000 online users viewing a video presentation that requires 400kbps Would mean 400mbps bandwidth on the server. However, the VMukti system would only require 10mbps. The savings is a result of the unique P2P design, where each viewer PC (or similar device) acts as a supernode to render the audio/video stream to other viewers. As new participants log onto the system, the server forwards that person to an existing supernode, and the process repeats itself as often as necessary. The platform has three vertical features, as follows: The Streaming feature is a widely distributed streaming video content solution and similar in appearance to YouTube, except that it has the capability of providing coverage of live events (as well as prerecorded ones) with the added feature of full two-way audio and video communication. The system is 100% browser-based (resulting in low bandwidth and infrastructure costs) with no proprietary licensing fees, plus dynamic content management and the ability to support multiple on-demand sessions. There is also an integrated chat feature and videos can be shared, archived, and replayed at a later time. It is the ideal training solution for the masses. The Conferencing feature offers p2p video conferencing with a large number of add-on features, including integrated scheduler, live text chat, desktop sharing, co-authoring, whiteboard and presentation mediums. The application is VoIP and video-enabled and accommodates third-party module support. The VvoIP feature is a broadband-ready, server-less Video Telephony, PBX and call center solution, provided as the world’s first Web-based peer-to-peer VVoIP software. It has the ability to seamlessly integrate with conferencing feature and provides access through the use of desktop, handheld, or smart-phone devices.