As a matter of fact, VNZANE is one of ENPU’s innovative brands. It is recognized as the most powerful one with strong integrity of S&D teamwork, production, sales and OEM&ODM services. Actually, VNZANE is defined as their enterprise cultures of Virtuous, Nice, Zealous, Active, Natty and Efficient. It is the excellent organization culture that encourages ENPU to create growing high-quality cables for multiple needs under certificates in China. More importantly, it pays much attention to its environmental responsibility and aims at seeking more energy-effective technology for less emission of heat-trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane. On the global market, it achieves long-term cooperation with varieties of sophisticated purchasing companies and industrial factories. In the future, VNZANE will make continuous contributions to the development of the world with their technical teamwork with 29-year production experience integrated with the abundant theory under scientific management system.