Voice of Stray Dogs

“The value of stray’s life is simply that it is alive“. That is the call for action for ‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’. We are a volunteer group of people who believe that strays, who live in our midst, as they have done to 14,000 years or more, share our space and our lives, and need to treated humanely. We are people willing to contribute with our effort, time and resources to make a difference. The issues that we reflect on are the conditions relating to Stray Dogs, the treatment meted out to them, spread of disease, and correcting the large amount in false information on Indian Strays. Strays get the worst treatment in the urban Indian environment – which is where they have the largest push back from ill-informed citizens, dog-hate groups & municipal corporations. This is were they bear the worst brunt of inhumanity that only humans are capable of showing. For more information please write to info@strays.in or call at 09845041426 (Bangalore) / 098110 46535 (New Delhi)