Warming Trends

Warming-Trends.com offers you a variety of Crossfire Burning Systems, Fire Pits, Portable Hearths, Fireplaces and Accessories to meet all your outdoor and patio warming needs. If you are in the market for fire pit accessories, you will find top quality products here on our website. When you are looking for backyard fire pits, you want something long-lasting, beautiful and efficient. Our Crossfire Burning Systems produce twice the flame compared to traditional fire burning systems, while only consuming half of the fuel. This saves you money in the long term and gains you twice the heat in the short term. Our fire pits, fireplaces, hearths and Crossfire Burner Systems will make a beautiful addition to outdoor ambiance. Whatever your needs are, we have a product to meet them. We create and manufacture custom fire pits to your specifications. We understand there are a variety of budget ranges and we are confident we can accommodate a fire burning system that will be easy on your wallet and still provide you the product you desire. Our ICC Design Certified (Crossfire) Combustion Burner System is the newest state of the art outdoor patio flame system. Our Burner System’s regulator was developed with a precise air to gas mixture ratio which produces a taller, brighter flame while using only half the fuel of conventional fire rings. This cutting edge technology has allowed our product to out perform all others on the market. Warming Trends patented technology is unique only to our system which allows you the benefit of offering your client’s money and gas savings rewards. THINK GREEN! Stop using those old fashion fire rings and move into the future.