WearBands is the ultimate bodyweight (and any) workout hack! It combines the freedom of bodyweight exercise with the unquestioned benefits of resistance training. WearBands™ is a multi-patented wearable resistance band system, which allows the user to get a more productive workout in less time. It does this by applying almost constant tension to any movement at any speed, anywhere. The added tension activates more muscles (50+%) over a longer period of time, which means greater strength and physique benefits, 25+% more calories burned and 10+% increase in average heart rate. In other words, a more productive, time-efficient workout. WearBands' customers include athletes from 12 years old up to professionals in virtually every sport (including multiple Olympic track and field medalists), as well as every day fitness consumers of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Because WearBands never get in your way, you are free to do the workouts and fitness activities you enjoy most and get the most fitness benefits from them, even in less time. You can reduce your workout reps and time by 30-50% and receive more results. The science is simple and straightforward and has been validated in the lab and in the field. WearBands solves some of fitness' biggest problems; time, gym access and flat out boredom. They are lightweight and portable, perfect for at-home, outdoor and travel fitness. They are simple and safe to use. And there is one inalterable fact; if you are using WearBands, you are guaranteed to get a more productive, more time-efficient workout doing anything than if you did the same workout without them. 3,500 customers to date (December 2019), only one system ever returned! Those who are after the most results in the least amount of time, doing what they want to do, instead of what existing equipment limits them to doing, and those who want to maximize the fitness benefits of whatever they are doing, will love WearBands. Those who have already discovered them are leading fitter lives and enjoying their fitness activities on their own terms.