Historically, masseuse and sex workers met through friends, family, co-workers, online ads, and even word of mouth. Individuals were accountable to their community and social checks and balances to help ensure people treated each other with respect. There is no security for these workers in online advertising or screening, and another client is just a few clicks away; as a result, people treat each other as expendable. Disrespect and deception have practically become routine, and common courtesy has been all but forgotten. Add to this the increasing frequency of 'challenges in the LGBTQ2+ communities’, ‘sextortion’, 'theft', and even murder. Working in these industries have practically become more hazardous than many years ago. WeMeetSafe.com is addressing some of the underlying problems that are preventing the safety of these workers. We are bringing security and accountability to this industry so that masseuse and sex workers can find each other more easily and securely. We envision instances where these workers have a more enjoyable time with clients without feeling insecure and significantly more sessions, more satisfying connections for all.