wholesome memes

TOP most popular wholesome memes Meme - what is it, who creates them and how to make your memes in an online generator Hello, dear readers of the blog amazinganimalphotos.Today we have a wonderful word in turn - meme. This is not in the sense of ma'am (married lady), but in the sense of an Internet meme. What it is? But this in a nutshell can not explain. For those who are not in the topic, this is as simple as possible (it is obvious that the water is wet), but for those who are not in the topic, it is probably easier to explain slowly, using examples and lyrical digressions. In general, simple things (obvious by default), as practice shows, can be difficult to explain. But I will try, but whether it turned out or not is up to you to judge. So, meet the great and terrible meme (that is, the “meles” wholesome memes).