Women's Perspective - Rosemary Williams

Women's Perspective offers educational opportunities that inspire women to integrate their economic and spiritual power for positive change in their own lives and the world. We believe that women bring a unique voice to the discussion of money, values, and economic resources. Since 1984, our workshops, retreats, and transformational trips have provided opportunities and inspiration for women to see money as a central dynamic of their spiritual journey. We encourage women to identify the ways money impacts their self-image, relationships, work and community involvement. New insights and attitudes help develop pathways that unite spiritual and economic power. By connecting their values to their financial decisions, women truly become the architects of their own lives and the world they live in. Our initiative for 2016 is to focus specifically on the Economic Empowerment of Women. Visit www.womensperspective.org or contact rosemary@womensperspective.org for additional opportunities.