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Wondfo and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Joined Hands Against Malaria Agreement in Malaria WHO PQ Strategic Cooperation November 14th, 2018 – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation found their firm ally against malaria. Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd, a leading developer and manufacturer of biological technology products, has reached an agreement with the Foundation regarding solutions for a rapid diagnostic test for malaria. Both parties signed an agreement on future cooperation in the headquarter office of Wondfo. The signing ceremony, titled “Malaria WHO PQ Strategic Cooperation”, was attended by management boards members from both organizations. Mr. Alex Ng and Ms. Wendy Wei, representatives of the Foundation in China, and Ms. Linda Tao, Headquarter Representative of the Foundation, were greeted in the Wondfo headquarter office by Mr. Li Wenmei, Chinaman of Wondfo, Mr. Zhao Yaping, Rotating CEO and Mr. Zhang Yichao, Director of International Department. On the conference among these executive members, the Foundation forged a close bond with Wondfo in regard of cooperation in malaria RDT products. Earlier this month, Wondfo presented its new products, including the latest Finecare 2Plus meter, pet testing devices and blood gas analyzers in MEDICA 2018, an industry-leading trade fair for the medical sector held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Towards top-rated medical organizations from all over the globe, Wondfo proved its capability as a world-class medical appliance solution provider. Its assertion and strength in medical testing solutions facilitated its cooperation with the foundation established by Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and his wife, Melinda Gates. Malaria has been a major concern of the Foundation since its establishment back in 2000. They initiated a “medicines for malaria venture” to promote the discovery and development of anti-malarial drugs at prices that are affordable to the populations worst hit by the disease. Earlier in September, the Foundation granted over 12 million dollars to the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) to maintain malaria high on the political and policy agenda at the regional and national level in ALMA member countries. Mr. Li Wenmei, in his speech during the ceremony, expressed his resolution in confronting malaria in Africa. Meanwhile, he believed that joining hands with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would help to reach malaria-suffering areas more effectively and responsively, supporting them with affordable testing materials against malaria. Mr. Alex Ng, on behalf of the health innovation and cooperation projects of the Foundation, delivered the global operation summary of the Foundation, as well as its strategy against malaria in China and its partner network all around the globe. Wondfo and Bill & Melinda Foundation both agreed on further cooperation to provide Africa with more economic and effective malaria testing products.