Wong Lye Racking Solutions Pte Ltd

Wong Lye Racking Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore Based company providing a wide range of Racking & Storage Solution. We intend to satisfy our clients with Best Quality, Service and always build a long time positive relations. We treat our clients like we serve our own families. It was established to build racks and later proceeded to build mezzanines. Our Services includes: 1) Mezzanine Office / Storage, 2) Surveillance & Door Access System 2) Customized Carpentry 4) Masonry & Plumbing 5) Partition Works ( Walls / Ceiling ) 6) Flooring ( Vinyl / Carpet / Tilling ) 7) Professional Reinstatement Works 8) House Moving / Warehouse Relocation Services 9) Pallet Racking System 10) Heavy duty Racking System Today our business is rapidly growing, as we have recently acquired a 10,000 square foot factory, recruited more staff, and expanded Facilities. We always strive to live up to the expectations of our clients, which led to increased trust in the company and large scale expansion in capabilities. Our reliable, innovative, efficient, and complete solutions boost the morale and benefits of customers. Our team is here to help from early morning until late at night. Let's contact us to discuss your requirements and fix the deal.