Welcome to printed.com. Our aim is to be a great business. To us being 'great' means just a few simple things. Firstly we want to provide our customers with great printing services which exceed their expectations. We want to continue to innovate and make our site faster and easier to use than any other online printing site, as well as introduce new features and products to help our customers businesses grow. If our customers do experience a problem then we want to solve it swiftly and to their satisfaction. We also want to be a great place for our staff to work. We want our team to be caring, motivated and proud of what they do as well as progress and develop as our business grows. It is also important to us to be sensitive to the environment around us, which is why we try and lead our industry in this area. In 2011 we launched a community outreach job creation program and continue to develop this to help people get work and experience through printed.com. In the end we believe that if we can be a 'great' business then our customers, staff and environment around us will all be in better places and that must be a good thing!