XonaSoftware, Inc.

XonaSoftware, Inc. are experts in the area of capital markets automation and makers of the simplest, most effective, and affordable cross-platform workload hyper-automation solution that can automate and orchestrate virtually any business-critical process in your front, middle and back office operations. It will centralize and optimize process, drive efficiency and reduce risk in your data center, the cloud and legacy environments. In thirty minutes or less, XonaSoftware can put into place a simple and straightforward low-code automation solution that will encourage action and help build an innovative thinking culture in your organization. The platform is self-documenting, which allows; documentation to move with the process, documentation is written automatically when the automated process is created; and turns the process itself into the documentation. XonaSoftware was the first to offer enterprise automation solutions as a monthly pay-as-you go service model. And now, our upfront pricing has made purchasing an automation service simple, easy, and transparent.