ZilberHaar is a dynamic startup company that was founded in 2014 by Anica Kath who serves as its CEO. When Anica and her husband set out to find a way to make beards more loveable for both the beard owner and their loved ones, they had no idea that their journey would lead them to creating one of the best beard brushes available on the market today. The ZilberHaar Team takes pride in delivering the highest quality pear wood and boar bristle beard brushes to beard owners all over the world and is always hard at work developing new brushes that will help men take their grooming to the next level. The ZilberHaar brand takes inspiration from Anica’s German heritage and Paris, her adopted home, combining fine German craftsmanship with Parisian style. Check out ZilberHaar on Amazon.com, visit their product website – http://www.ZilberHaar.com/ or call the team on 00 33 7 82 55 21 63.