ZuCoinChain makes history by announcing it's an official collaboration with Starlight IP TV amid Covid-19 scare. In times, where the world economies and companies are shrinking in size as a result of the pandemic, ZuCoinChain in an unprecedented step expands its utility & usability by bringing Starlight IP TV (aka ZuTv) onboard under it's Zulifestyle Project. Starlight IP TV is a project under the leadership of Dato HJ Rahmad HJ Tohak, who is popularly known as Rahmad Mega in the glamourous world of Celebrities. He is a well-known singer in Malaysia. Starlight TV is attracting a lot of viewership in far east Asian region and with its recent collaboration with ZuCoinChain is all set to create history as the fastest-growing new project. Jonny Singh, ZuCoinChain Head of Zulifestyle and adviser to CEO, mentioned to our correspondent on a zoom call that Zulifestyle is a great initiative. Under the banner of ZuCoinChain, Zulifestyle will keep on adding utilities to its credit such as Starlight IP TV (aka ZuTv). The main focus of the management, according to Mr Singh, is to make ZuCoinChain a utility token besides a highly liquid trading asset, which can be used to enhance the lifestyle of its community. In his view, the difficult part is to bring acceptance of Crypto as a currency and medium of exchange, and by far ZuCoinChain, which is still in infancy is pretty successful in achieving this milestone. Stephen Carreon, the adviser to CEO from the Philippines, rejoiced the launch of Starlight IPTV (aka ZuTv) in the Philippines. With the grand welcome by Pinoy population for the utility of ZuCoinChain, it's further expected to be joined by the masses in a short period. In an informal discussion with Dato Abdul Rizam Mohd Akhir who heads International Market Development of Starlight IPTV, it was known that both companies are carefully following a plan of expansion and are in sync. Dato HJ Rahmad also voiced his pleasure and satisfaction on becoming a utility of ZuCoinChain and foresees a bright future on the horizons. Further, in his comments, Dato HJ Rehmad mentioned that he is planning a big press conference/corporate event to announce this historic alliance along with Mr Salman Sheikh CEO of ZuCoinChain as soon as the Pandemic travel restrictions are lifted. Mr Sheikh as always stressed the fact the ZuCoinChain is highly focused on creating utilities under Zulifestyle projects and Starlight IPTV is an excellent addition to our ecosystem. Zulifestyle will keep on adding services such as Zuwallet, Zugaming, Zudating and other global retail merchants under the banner of ZuCoinChain. Together we stand, united we are, together we rise - the message from both the management.