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Course Overview AngularJS is an open-source web application structure. It was initially created in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. It is currently kept up by Google. AngularJS is a basic structure for dynamic web applications. It lets you use HTML as your layout language and lets you stretch out HTML's sentence structure to communicate your application parts plainly and compactly. Its information authoritative and reliance infusion take out a significant part of the code you presently need to compose. What's more, everything occurs inside the program, making it a perfect band together with any server innovation. Course Outline Length : 8 - 9 ends of the week Sessions : Weekends - 2 every week Essentials : Prologue to HTML Prologue to bootstrap CSS ( discretionary ) Prologue to Typescript (Necessity of Typescripts in big business applications) ? Create classes use it in first application. Course Curriculum Prologue to AngularJS Why Angular ? Angular2 Version 5 versus Traditional improvement AngularJs1 versus AngularJs2 Version 5 Understanding JavaScript Comprehend JavaScript MVC What is Angular2 Version 5 Angular2 Architecture What is Typescript Prerequist for Angular2 Version 5 Angular2 conditions Arrangement Angular2 venture for improvement Condition arrangement Decision of IDE and introducing it ( visual studio code, visual studio, overshadow or any content manager) Introducing hub and npm Introduce rakish CLI What is rakish CLI? Introducing rakish CLI. Complete rundown of CLI order. Making first Angular undertaking Making first Angular application with rakish CLI Building and running rakish Application Rakish measures and profound plunge into venture structure (Significance of every organizer and record) Instructions to run End to end experiments and unit testing Prologue to Typescript Outline of ES5, ES6 and Typescript Typescript gathering to Java Script Typescript Basic ideas and Data Types Variable extensions and distinction among Let and Var Mysterious and Fat Arrow Functions Contrast among invalid and indistinct Parts and Dependency Injection Making Components Angular2 Architecture of SPA Apps Making Components utilizing Typescript Making Multiple Components Reliance Injection Sharing information and usefulness between parts utilizing administrations Utilizing DOM and custom Events for information sharing Directivesage Characteristic orders (ngClass, ngStyle,ngModel) Basic orders (ngIf, ngFor, ng Switch) Making custom mandate Channels utilizing inbuilt channels for example DatePipe, UpperCasePipe, LowerCasePipe, CurrencyPipe, and PercentPipe and so on Parameterized pipe Making custom channels Making custom Directives Making custom Pipes Inbuilt Services like XHR demands Segments in subtleties Addition Format articulation Articulation setting B.Property official Distinction between component trait and property Component property official property, class, style official C.Event official D.Two way official Utilizing different html components in precise for example textbox, button, dropdown, checkbox, radio catch and so forth Youngster segments ? Event producer and custom property Outsider Modules and Testing Utilizing Libraries like JQuery, bootstrap.js, material, and so forth. What is Testing and Tools identified with JS Testing Testing utilizing Karma and Jasmine in Angular2 Composing experiments in Jasmine and karma E2E application testing and Protractor presentation Prologue to NodeJS, ExpressJs and REST Exposure Introducing Node.js Understanding Node Package Manager (NPM) Utilizing Build frameworks for example Snort and Gulp Utilizing Yeoman for web venture framework Taking care of front end conditions with Bower Presentation of ExpressJs Http customer Arrangement Utilizing Observable and RxJS Calling rest administrations (GET, PUT, DELETE, PUT). Mistake taking care of Calling aws rest administration endpoint ( or derided rest administration endpoint utilizing www.mockable.io ) Debouncing demands for example search gadget Solicitation/reaction interceptors MongoDB and Live Project - Angular2 MEAN Introduce MongoDB Essential CRUD directions in MongoDB Utilizing Mongoose ODM Taking care of various REST/HTTP demands in a REST API Start Final Project

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