YouTube; Your One Step to Being an Entrepreneur

The internet provides a thousand and one means to be a boss of your own and YouTube is one of these means.YouTube has created millions of entrepreneurs who have made a fortune from it. YouTube gives an average person the ability to create a channel of your choice and make money from it. Most of the big names on YouTube today probably didn’t believe they will have the kind of fame or money they have today. If you have a flare for camera, a passion for something, and you have a way with words, then you should seriously consider having your own YouTube channel and get YouTube subscribers. Here are few facts about YouTube that you may not know. FACTS ABOUT YOUTUBE • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, 3rd most visited website in the world, it has a total of 1.3billion users, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and 5billion videos are watched daily. • YouTube has over 30mllion visitors daily, 8 out of 10 18-49years old watch YouTube, you can use YouTube in 76 different languages, the highest paid YouTuber is; PewDiePie with annual incoming reaching $12million in 2015. YOUTUBE; MAKING ENTREPRENEURS These few facts go a long way to prove to you that you can make a living off YouTube. Whatever it is you do can sell on YouTube, you just need to have passion for what you do. This passion will be your driving force to success. There are testimonies of different people who have made a fortune from YouTube. Let us take Korean musician; Psy as a case study. He holds the record for the video with the highest number of views on YouTube. He made a whopping $2million dollars from his “Gangnam Style” video which had over 2billion views. Passion, determination, commitment and quality content; these are the criteria you need to get free YouTube subscribers. All the big names you hear today on YouTube started from somewhere. Just take that bold step today and see yourself on your way to stardom. Do not follow the multitude, customize your channel to suit your brand or business, create a formidable profile and a constructive bio. Create a plan and structure on what you want your channel to be about. Make sure it is something you are good at and have a passion for. Deliver quality and highly engaging content, maintain your publishing frequency, optimize your title, personalize your video thumbnails, produce an engaging trailer for your channel, make use of “Call-To Action” annotations, have a constructive intro, and learn a thing or two from the big names. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you would need to work hard if you want to find yourself at the top. Finally, let me introduce you to Sonuker. Sonuker is a website that offers free YouTube subscribers, views, likes and comment. also provides other YouTube marketing services, free and you can also buy YouTube subscribers through it. If you are new to YouTube, Sonuker will ease you of a lot of stress by being your guide in the world of YouTube marketing. Take this bold step today; create that channel of your dreams and let Sonuker take you to the top. For more information, please visit b>

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