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FAW GEARBOX OUTPUT FLANGE DESCRIPTION? FAW GEARBOX OUTPUT FLANGE are parts that connect pipes to pipes and are connected to the ends of pipes. There are holes in the FAW GEARBOX OUTPUT FLANGE, and the bolts make the two flanges close. The flange is sealed with a cushion. FAW GEARBOX OUTPUT FLANGE connection is made up of a pair of flanges, a gasket and several bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the cover of two methods, and after tightening the nut, the surface of the cushion has a certain amount of deformation, and fills the dense cover with a concave and uneven place to make the connection tight. The flange connection is a detachable connection. It can be divided into container flange and pipe flange according to the connecting parts. FAW GEARBOX OUTPUT FLANGE PICTURE? PART NAME PART NUMBER APPLICATIONS WEIGHT FAW GEARBOX OUTPUT FLANGE FAW J5M TRUCK, FAW J5P TRUCK, FAW J6 TRUCK, FAW J6H TRUCK ,FAW J6L TRUCK , AND FAW JH6 TRUCK FAW Truck Gearbox Parts manufacturers website:http://www.china-truck-part.com/faw-truck-parts/faw-truck-gearbox-parts/

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