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Scissors for the Sewing, Quilting, and the Embroidery industry. Our tools are set apart from our competitors due to their high quality in material and our customer service. We manufacture true left handed scissors. In addition to scissors, we also offer Lights, Magnifiers, Rippers and Tweezers. We carry the Daylight brand lights and magnifiers. Sewing: Famore Cutlery sewing scissors, sheers, ez stitch snips, blunt tipped scissors, embroidery scissors, serrated scissors, curved scissors, dressmaker's sheers and other stainless steel tools are especially designed to meet the needs of home and professional sewing enthusiasts. Famore sewing tools are made with high grade stainless steel, and tested with rigorous quality control to ensure that they are among the best sewing scissors and sheers in the world. Embroidery: Famore Cutlery manufactures hand-crafted embroidery scissors with designs that make them seem like extensions of the embroiderer's hands. Our embroidery scissors come in many styles including bent handles to make hoop work easier, and snips to quickly trim hanging thread. Curved scissors protect embroidery projects from sharp points. Other embroidery tools include stork scissors, micro tip scissors, double bent scissors, and fine tipped scissors. Embroiderer's love our sturdy, comfortable and extremely sharp designs. Quilting: Famore Cutlery's quilting scissors, sheers, batting scissors and snips are designed as extensions of the quilter's hands, and are used by quilters of all levels and ability. Quilters love our durable, comfortable tools that are the perfect solution to their quilting needs. Applique: Famore Cutlery has designed a line of scissors specifically for applique. These tools include duck billed applique scissors, blunt tipped scissors, rippers, and ez snips designed to cut around tight angles and work safely on heirloom projects. Our applique tools are designed with large ringed handles for comfort, fast cutting and the ability to easily switch from left or right handed snips. Magnifiers and Lights: Famore Cutlery offers LED lights and magnifiers to make detailed work in sewing, quilting, applique and embroidery clear and easier. Our magnifiers and lights are adjustable and in most cases, mobile. We offer magnifying lamps (floor or table-top), finger lights, adjustable arms and clip-on LED magnifier lights.


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