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Been on the market since the cordless telephones become popular. With the arrival of cordless phone in our lives, the phrase "hang on the phone" has lost its relevance. Housewives and all the lovers of talking on the phone forgot about the situation when, talking, you had to stand for hours or sit at the office. DECT brought a telephone conversation to a new level of comfort. But with the advent of mobile phones, the free talk function over the phone anywhere expanded to the city limits. At first GSM mobile communication was unstable, but already available. Is that in the forest and in nature mobile phones can still fail. But in general, GSM has changed the human life beyond recognition. Why, today, in the 21st century, with such an availability of mobile communication standard GSM, we have a home phone - cordless phone? It is clear that for an elderly person a landline phone is simply necessary. The point here is not only that a person of age, poorly versed in technical improvements, and he needs a simple and understandable home radiotelephone, for example Panasonic, but also that he has all social contacts, ranging from neighbors to public organizations, polyclinics and trade unions, are tied to a home phone. Most of us are completely immersed in mobile communication. And even in the clinic we call from mobile phones and smartphones, but in vain. Home phone standard DECT can be simply indispensable for a number of benefits.


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