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Tilt And Turn Windows Long Island Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 300-1437 Mon –Thur 10.30 am - 6 p.m Fri-Sat 10.30 am - 5.30 pm Sun 12 am - 3.30 pm All cc, cash, checks We work directly with customers, homeowners, leading architects, builders, contractors, designers, lumber yards and retail shops. Our products were recently showcased at the International Builders Show sponsored by NAHB. Doors of non-standard height are available with special custom orders. Please contact our office or send us an email to to inquire within. The custom-made doors would feature the design, material texture and dimensions of your choice for your satisfaction. We provide curbside delivery. Under this service the driver will bring the item to the end of the driveway at the delivery location. Please note they do not bring the item inside your delivery location. Depending on the shipping company, they may remove the item from their truck but most companies do not remove the item from the truck either. We charge an additional fee for an inside delivery. Please contact us to inquire what that fee would be for your order.


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